Ludum Dare

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59 HonestDanGames Honest Jazz & Code: Working on unfinished features of my #LD42 entry.
11 ProjectMakers Play Ludum Dare 42 Games
10 GhostGoatsGames Cleaning up my Ludum Dare game.
2 saoigames Let me play your Ludum Dare Entry
0 Shozou Playing LD42 Games! - Use !addgame <game_link> to add your game to the queue - use !ldjam42 for link to my game #LDJAM42

Game Development

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275 handmade_hero Handmade Hero #gamedev #programming
42 tsoding Implementing Parser for My Scripting Language !dubtrack
23 Acegikmo ๐Ÿš€ Flowstorm - Level Editor & Timers (Session #13)
17 WobblyTrout Will you Wobble in or Trout out?? #gamedev #programing #ai #gameart #java
16 ArchonTheWizard Stream Defense (Multi-Character Update!): Twitch Plays Tower Defense
15 TheKawaiiCub โšง Sub Sunday! What if the new killer was us all along? <3 / !sr !dotr !grandarena
12 AtelierQ Grand Line Adventures~~ Sogeking~~
11 qpHalcy0n C++ Game Engine Development - Terrain Work
9 FrontlinePlay Frontline Tech Agency | Road to 400| !DISCORD
9 mozzy306_ Road to Affiliate. UE4 MMO Dev. !Discord
9 Moustaki [FR] GMS:2 Game Dev , venez m'aider !
8 RetroWaters [ENG] Affiliate Sub Button Hype!
8 Sheffrey cOdInG YoUr oWn gAmEs iS EaSiEr tHaN YoU ThInK! watch me struggle in unity
7 Tastygraph Realm of Midgard alpha !game to play norse inspired idle rpg.
7 EliteTechWorkshop Assets Build For Unreal 4 โ˜… EFC lobby โ˜… 3dsmax and many more.. :D #3Dmodeling #Creative #GameDev โ˜… Assets Build For U
7 S3NAY50 Me han hackeado Fortnite #EpicSolucionalo
5 Blackcatmaxy Intense Automation
5 TheRealBlobVanDam Fortnite - 3DS Max / Unity
5 ์œ ๋‹ˆํ‹ฐ_๊ต ์œ ๋‹ˆํ‹ฐ Unity3D ๊ฒŒ์ž„์ œ์ž‘
4 ben_greenier Livestream learn-alongs - Episode 1, Unity Basics #gamedev
4 PeeEitsch Mal wieder ein wenig Gamer sein! | GameDev Marathon Live | !gdml | Tag 18
4 NineSeventeen [UK] Sims 4! designing houses (come talk)
4 UnrealDean Live Dev Stream
4 JvtheWanderer UE4 Summer Game Jam Fun Stuff
4 LudicRyan_ Ancient Board Game Design // Path to Design (LudicRyan)
3 Zexanima Game Dev Things
3 DragonSlumber Yooka-Laylee - The Dragon Slumber Stream #gamedev #indiedev #programming #design
3 ImJollyRoger Space Cats - Summer #UE4Jam | Game Dev | Twitter: @ImJollyroger
3 Chalkairtoe Creating some models for our VR game Balloonatics.
2 haddicus HaddicusGames - KenneyJam RTS Gamedev
2 Projectleet Road to TI40 (Ranked Duos)
2 raulrita #gamedev #c
2 RealReZNation Epic Awesome Fun! P.A.S
1 Nonamed64 Summer Jam! #ue4jam #UE4 #GameDev Jump Attack
1 PaburoVIII Making 3D Game Art for living #GameArt #hardurface #weapons #props #gamedev #substancepainter #3dcoat #Artstation
0 twitchmedia2 Interactive #gamedev #programming #gamedev #test
0 lProToXl Learn Marvelous Designer 7 #2018 #9 #gamedev #indie #HelpMe #ue4
0 invizbear GameDev - Day 3 of 5 #ue4jam
0 TheSitDownClown UE4 GameDev CIRCUS!. #gamedev #chillstream


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31 pixel_maniacs Welcome to Cologne
29 ekmett Haskell Live Coding with Edward Kmett
26 DonTheDeveloper Building User Authentication With Node, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, React, Redux, and SCSS
22 CryptoCrasher Bitcoin Bot Live Trading 24/7 - Bitmex GDAX Binance Development Programming and Technical Analysis
20 CodeNJoy Typescript, React and Material-UI
13 Axiom_Infinite Day 14 Of Java And Chill - Lets Build A Fighting Game
13 cmgriffing Making a Meetup Presentation: Data Serialization Formats Besides JSON
10 ChonkLifestyle !discord / FN Player League Scrims! / F4F L4L (PC)
8 SolsticeShard [ENG] Let's write a basic chatbot script! | beginner | ask questions!
7 iReapism Skork: Lots of small things..(Chill stream) [feel free to ask Q's.]
7 TutorExilius C++ Live Stream: So, 19.08., ab 18 Uhr - Live Suppe #SOab18--- !! MIT GEWINNSPIEL !! --- #tasse
6 codephobia Angular / Twitch Extension Things
6 Jbzdarkid Programming Sunday
5 croepha #linux #opengl #programming optimizing tool's UI renderer, or other random things
3 x3l51_ Discord Bot in Python (json & misc)
3 rjgtav [GLA] FFXIV New Player | Day 5 [PT/EN]
3 Buffet_Time GDQ Submissions
3 kanyedb Learning HTML/CSS via Twitch, Watch me struggle. ~Testing setup~
3 COCOCORE CRM/ERP, multiply projects #php #javascript #programming #Laravel
3 datakebab Da(o)ta science ะณะปัƒะฑะพะบะธะน ะฐัƒั‚ะธะทะผ
2 Equivocatorrr Game Engine Programming: In-Game Keybinding Remapping And GUI Design
2 museun 6502 emulator in Rust
2 lemonandroid Bountysource - Weblate - 57$ -
2 SillyCoda Power BI - Business Intelligence | Dashboards Development
2 yankhatescode Yank Hates Code | Learn to code
2 RiouGeeGee Complete beginner doing the Java for complete beginners course! ๐Ÿ˜€โ˜•๐Ÿ“บ | Subscriber Songrequest is ON
2 VexarTV Arcade Space Game Development using the Unreal Engine and Maya - Programming / Blue Prints - Modeling - VFX - SFX
1 corbob #PowerShell LeanPub module authorings
1 Beilus relax Golang RU/ENG(lite)
1 joelpurra Senior Software Engineer in Action! #programming #opensource #edutainment #software #web #javascript #macos
1 DEV_web Vamos Criar um MVC com PHP 7.2
1 ir3_ running duos and solos in fortnite battle royale while having minimal fun
1 NewMediaKorsou Day 4: Websockets, REST API, and Wordpress #php #wordpress #programming
1 DannySmoka JavaScript / JS | Live Stream Bot | Creating / Coding A Discord Bot With Chats Suggestions | Help Welcome | If You Need Help Just Ask
1 seanthebest Java OpenGL GUI programming (w/ lwjgl)
0 DrBojingle Dev with Dr.Bojingle!